Voicings in My Head

Michael Coppola’s current release “Voicings in My Head” is an innovative and inspiring collection of Jazz Standards. Coppola is an exceptionally gifted and virtuosic guitarist. He plays a nine-stringed semi-hollow guitar, carefully crafted by luthier James DeCava, and aptly named the Hydra after the nine-headed mythological creature. This allows Coppola to create beautifully conceived pianistic chord voicings and lush cascading legato lines. One hears the echoes of Art Tatum and Lenny Breau in the guitarist’s phenomenal improvisations and inventive interpretations throughout the recording. From the swinging “Blue Moon” to the incendiary “Honeysuckle Rose,” Coppola never loses focus of the inherent melody of each composition during his masterful sonic excursions. His addition of the Beatles’ “Honey Pie” and Vince Guarladi’s “Linus and Lucy” make excellent arguments for their inclusion into the jazz canon as well. The recording aptly closes with a reverential deconstruction of the enduring spiritual “Amazing Grace.” Although not exclusively an acoustic album, this release is highly recommended for all listeners of timeless, improvised music. – James Scott, MinorSeventh.com

Click here to listen to “Voicings in My Head”

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